Friday, September 16, 2005

My First PDC

So, this was my first PDC and I'm a little drained. Its definitely a lot to take in. Looking around at all the stuff we have been exposed to and that is coming up you can't help but be affected by the koolaid (it wasn't until reading a book recently that I learned where the colorful phrase "drinking the koolaid" came from... kinda brutal). There are just tons and tons of new things coming in Vista and there is no way to grok it all.

Anyway, we learned a lot, got a lot of good answers to questions we have been hanging on to for the past year and made some good contacts inside Microsoft that will hopefully bear fruit moving forward.

We watched the PDC Showoff tonight. This was the first time they've held the ShowOff and for more information on what the Showoff was you should go here. Some of the videos were quite entertaining and at least 5 of the videos used Camtasia Studio to do the recording. It is good to see our products used out in the real world. This was my first time going out to a conference like this and it was nice to see some name recoginition of our products even if it wasn't extensive.

The videos shown are going to be put up on Channel9 at some point, so that should be good. I think the "Bar Code" one was my favorite. I actually expected to see a lot more videos of WPF content, but it worked out a lot better having a heterogeneous set of videos.

Its getting way late, Mike is snoring in the bed next to me.... I supposed I should be going to bed now too. I'm looking forward to playing with the new bits we got here and getting back to some normalcy back home.

Oh yeah. Finally got to meet Scoble. Not sure why that is interesting, but there you have it.